About Project Restart

Not My Child is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  It was created in 2017 after the tragic loss of Anthony Reno, Sr.’s son, Anthony Reno, Jr.  Our purpose is to aid individuals and families impacted by the opioid crisis.  The aid comes through channels of education, awareness, burial costs, memorials, and/or co-pays for treatment.  

We are piloting our newest endeavor called, “PROJECT RESTART.”  So often, an individual leaving recovery isn’t left with many positive opportunities or pathways.  This often leaves an individual stuck back in the same cycle and at a greater risk of relapse.  All of the hard work and effort need to have a finish line and positive outcome for these individuals.  Project Restart is designed to combat that destructive cycle by acting as a liaison and support between potential employee and employer and start a clear path for a more successful future.     

Eligible applicants need to be 90 days plus into their recovery and meet program requirements detailed in a contract with Not My Child. Their resumes will be uploaded directly to this website, where numerous employers can choose from applicants.  We can access the demand for employment and determine if the applicant meets the criteria for financial aid (this is true aid and not a loan as funds are available within our foundation) in the following categories on a case-by-case basis:

  • 1st-year apprentice tools required by trade in a list provided by the employer (not to exceed $700)
  • 1 year paid certificate class for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mechanic, etc. (not to exceed $7,000)
  • Aid in the cost of a uniform if required (not to exceed $300)
  • Career path accredited courses (not to exceed $7,000)

All individuals entering the program will be assigned a liaison from Not My Child.  The liaison's role is twofold.  It’s to show an individual out of recovery that they aren’t left behind and have a positive advocate in their corner.  Secondly, the liaison will check in with the school, employer, and/or counselor to verify that the individual in the program is meeting the standards of Project Restart for receiving financial aid.  The education certificate programs are funded bi-annually directly to the institutions which means the individual must have BOTH a positive work performance report and a passing grade in the curriculum in order to receive the second installment of financial aid to finish the course. 

If matched with an employer and hired, Not My Child will take guidance and direction from the employer if schooling or a certificate is a prerequisite to employment.  This service is free of charge for recovered individuals.  There is a low $250.00 yearly subscription fee for employers to register as sponsors. 

The goal of our nonprofit, as well as our Project Restart program, is to save families from the heartbreak surrounding the opioid crisis and develop meaningful success stories instead. 

We are looking forward to changing the lives of many and hope you’ll be a part of it!

For more information, please contact [email protected].